Adonit pro

Artists tend to use a pen or pencil when creating a picture, so why not use something similar when working on a computer screen. Take, for instance, the humble pointing tool used to provide the user with the means to carry out tactile communication with the computer.

Adonit pro

Submitted by Teoh Yi Chie on March 29, - 2: By support, I mean they have pressure sensitivity and palm rejection. I've reviewed Adonit Ink a few months ago and was quite surprised when Adonit Ink Pro was released just a few months after that.

The main differences between Ink Pro and Ink are the features, and, well of course the price. In addition to the features Adonit Ink already offers, the Ink Pro has an inbuilt mic for use with Cortana, laser pointer and a presentation mode that allows you to click through slides.

I'm an artist who uses styluses Adonit pro create art, so those features don't really benefit me, but I can definitely see who would benefit from the additional features.

It's important to note that this stylus only supports selected Surface products and Windows devices. For a full list of supported products, check out Adonit's compatibility list. For this review, I'm using the Surface Pro This stylus does not work on Android or iOS devices. Just like Adonit's other stylusesthe build quality here is fantastic.

The body is cylindrical with a glossy surface finishing.

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It has a nice weight and feels comfortable to hold in hand. The design looks nice and sleek. Diameter is quite similar.

Adonit Ink Pro has a tapered end while Surface Pen has a pointed tip. The hard surface tip on Adonit Ink Pro is quite smooth, to the extent that it's slippery, on glass surfaces. That's the basic characteristics of hard tips so it's not surprising. If you require a bit more control, especially if you want to use the stylus for drawing, it might be good to apply a matte screen protector on your tablet.

However, Adonit says that it's best not to use screen protectors, but if you really want to use one, get one that's no thicker than 0. Screen protectors are thin.

As long as you don't get glass screen protectors, it should be fine. With the Surface Pen, the main selling point to me is you have the option to swap out the tip to use a felt-like tip instead of the hard tip. The felt tip provides a nice friction and hence more control for drawing more slowly.

There are 3 buttons on the stylus. The small button that's closest to the tip is for the laser pointer. Note the hollow part just beside the tip.

Adonit pro

That's the built-in mic. If you want to use Cortana, you have to pair the stylus via Bluetooth with your device first. The full pairing process is available on Adonit's website.

The functionality of the other two side buttons will depend on which app you use. For example, in some drawing apps, one of the buttons will turn into an eraser when pressed while the other button does nothing.Adonit Switch 2-in-1 (Jot Pro Fine Point Stylus + Ballpoint Pen) for for iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Android, and Most Touch Screens Surfaces - Mobile Phones and Tablet Devices - Silver by Adonit .

The Adonit Jot Pro is one such device, which sells at an above-average AU$45/NZ$50 and claims to have the “most precise tip on the market”. We tested the Jot Pro with a number of different tablets, across a range of applications.

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Adonit pro

Set store to pick up today 0 Brand +-clear. Trademark Fine Art. The Adonit Pixel Pro are a great choice of Adonit stylus for the iPad Pro. Featuring pressure sensitivity, shortcut buttons, a charging doc, and paper-like drag, this innovative device offers the precision and control of pen and paper.

The Pro 3 Stylus from Adonit is a slim, anodized-aluminum stylus crafted with a built-in clip, a textured grip, and a precision disc tip measuring 9mm in diameter.

Moreover, it has a magnetic cap so you won't lose it. The Pro 3 works on all capacitive touchscreens and doesn't require a battery. I would by an Adonit Jot Pro again (and a Touch when it adds palm rejection), and this is why I recommend it. I wouldn’t do otherwise. Please feel free to get back to me if .

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