Aeroplane physics essay

The main reason for studying mathematics to an advanced level is that it is interesting and enjoyable.

Aeroplane physics essay

We can understand a lot about the history and culture of a country, its industry, arts, fashions etc. Last Sunday, I along with some of my intimate friends, went to a museum at Delhi. We bought tickets and entered the museum. The bug building was divided into a number of sections.

On entering the building, we saw separate sections containing many idols of Hindu gods. They looked life-like and impressive. Then we found ourselves in a hall decorated with rare pictures and paintings.

Aeroplane physics essay

We then moved to the history section. We saw certain objects belonging to the various periods of history. We then went to a big room full of ancient weapons and amours, like heavy swords, lances and shields.

We saw bows, arrows, guns, spears, statues, idols, manuscripts etc. In another section we saw Kashmiri shawls, Amritsari shawls, Amritsari carpets, Peshawari embroidered turbans and rugs and many other specimens from different parts of India.

The art gallery impressed us the most.

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It had beautiful paintings of fruits, flowers and natural landscapes. We also saw beautiful ivory work, coins and jewellery kept in showcases in another section. Then we came to a section which displayed rare manuscripts. My eyes rested on a manuscript said to belong to the Gupta period of the Indian History.

In this way a visit to a museum provided us with a rich feast of ideas. It left a deep imprint on my mind. A Visit to a Museum Museums are the repositories of antique items. They are, in reality, great historical, anthropological and archaeological monuments which tell us about the ancient world, how it developed over the centuries and how the human beings and animals lived in the past and so many other things like ancient art, crafts, etc.

Last week, I went to visit the local branch of the national museum which is situated in the heart of my town. I went into the section of extinct species. Prominently among them were placed the models and charts of various kinds of dinosaurs.

Possibilities of the extinction of the dinosaurs were presented in charts and through diagrams. I saw a piece of the rock that had been brought from the moon by Neil Armstrong.

I also saw coins of the past dynasties. Some of them were made of gold, others of silver and still others of copper and nickel. I also saw several ancient household goods and utensils such as cups, plates, saucers, cauldrons, spoons, ladels, griddles, toy models of animals such as cows, buffaloes, goats, oxen, horses, cats, dogs, rats, etc.

Some clay models of birds such as parrots, sparrows, pigeons, eagles, hawks, vultures, crows, etc. The most interesting ones were the models of human beings. Among them there were toys of men, women, boys, girls, infants in mothers, arms, etc. The men and women wore dresses of different fashions and kinds.

All the models and toys belonged to different places and periods. It was explained by guides and the curator and was also written on several charts and explanatory sheets of paper.

As I returned home, I felt I was puffing with new knowledge.At the Argentinean Billionaire's Bidding, India Grey Child Development, Shyam Sunder Shrimali Hitori and Sudoku, Nikoli Insight to Success, William J.

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Essay No. A Visit To A Museum. A visit to a museum in interesting as well as educative. We can understand a lot about the history and culture of a country, its .

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