An introduction to the creative essay on the topic of blurred lines

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An introduction to the creative essay on the topic of blurred lines

Produced by Pharrell, it serves as the lead single from Thicke's album of the same name. Thicke and Williams were found liable for copyright infringement by a federal jury in Marchand Gaye was awarded posthumous songwriting credit based on the royalties pledged to his estate.

The uncut version of the video was at one time removed from YouTube for violating the site's terms of service regarding nudity; it was later restored, but with an age restriction.

The song's lyrics and music video have proven controversial with some groups, with claims that it is misogynistic and promotes date rape. This has led to the song being banned at some students' unions in universities and other institutions in the United Kingdom and prompted a rebuttal from Thicke.

It became Thicke's first, T. The song subsequently became one of the best-selling singles of all timewith sales of The song was completed in less than an hour. Pharrell and I were in the studio and [ He and I would go back and forth where I'd sing a line and he'd be like, "Hey, hey, hey!

It was a non-traditional song; it didn't sound like a Timbaland or Benny Blanco record. So we had to approach the market in an interesting way. Its controversial nature was designed to attract attention with Feldstein saying: Getting something banned actually helps you.

In the unrated version of the video, the models wear just thongs. This is the second time that director Diane Martel and Pharrell join together for a music video project involving two differently rated versions. The video for the N.

D single " Lapdance " also featured models in two variant editions, one of which, like "Blurred Lines", is a topless version. After being on the site for just under one week, the unrated version of the video was removed from YouTube on March 30,citing violations of the site's terms of service that restricts the uploading of videos containing nudity, particularly if used in a sexual context.

I thought about cheap props, crappy fun stuff. The video is goofy and innocent. I was channeling Benny Hill and s variety shows.

An introduction to the creative essay on the topic of blurred lines

The video was shot as a white cyclorama. Martel favorably referred to the large hashtags that flash throughout the video as "awkward" and noted she enjoyed their obstructive quality. The fashion in which the women in the video are dressed was in part inspired by the work of photographer Helmut Newton.

When asked about what references she drew from for the video, Martel cited the ballets of George Balanchine as performed by the New York City Balletnoting their minimalismas well as the work of Richard Avedon.

The manner in which Martel directed the action and interaction of those in the video was intended to convey playfulness while also presenting the women "in the power position. Critical reactions to Blurred Lines were mostly positive.

Albums produced by Pharrell Williams

In Australia, the song was certified quadruple platinum for shipments ofand triple platinum in New Zealand for sales of 45, Immediately afterwards the song flew up to number 12 on the Hot The track is also Pharrell's third Billboard Hot number one single and T.

As of June 12,"Blurred Lines" has sold 1 million copies in the United States since its release, becoming Thicke's first single to do so. It became the best-selling song of in the US, selling 6, downloads in Since the launch of the Canadian Hot inthe song has become third with most weeks at number one, tying " Apologize " by Timbaland featuring OneRepublicand just behind " Uptown Funk " by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars and " I Gotta Feeling " by The Black Eyed Peaswith 15 and 16 weeks on top of the charts respectively.

Its current UK sales stand at 1, A press release from Interscope said as of the last week in Julythe track reached more than As of Augustit is currently the seventh best-selling digital single of all time.

It was the second best-selling song of in the US and the best-selling song of in the UK. She asserts that many fans were uncomfortable with both the song and the video.

Her article quoted many critics who believe that the song promotes rape culture because the title "Blurred Lines" and lyrics like "I know you want it" encourage the idea "no doesn't always mean no" and that some women who are raped are asking for it.

At the University of Edinburghstudents' association officials stated that the song violates its policy against "rape culture and lad banter " and promotes an unhealthy attitude towards sex and consent.In the paper “Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke” the author analyzes Blurred lines the song by Robin Thicke.

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View this research paper on Gender and Sex Blurred Lines or Clear. One of the hottest songs of summer was a song by Robin Thicke called Blurred Lines The. Blurred Lines: The Date Rape Song Essay Words 4 Pages For twelve weeks Blurred Lines was at the top of the Billboard charts and could be heard thumping from speakers everywhere.

The Blurred Lines music video is truly a work of misogynistic art. The video highlights three young and vacant looking women wearing nothing but nude colored thongs posing and performing infantile actions such as riding a bike or licking an ice cream cone. Introduction topic essay about friendship essay on report writing handwriting analysis my day essay in english national websites for research papers zoology (about films essay volleyball and basketball) plan a business essay thesis a formal essay uk essay in kannada about mahatma gandhi essays topics how .

English Rr Blurred Lines Essay; English Rr Blurred Lines Essay. Submitted By Emilee-Watson. Words: Between the Lines The Importance of Etiquette and Social Cues in Asian Business Introduction In my experience learning about Asian business culture one things stands out to me more than any other, the importance of etiquette.

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