An overview of the bank of maldives

People living on smaller lower-lying islands could then be relocated to more flood-resistant islands when needed. One of those is the City of Hope being built on an artificial island called Hulhumale, near the capital Male.

An overview of the bank of maldives

The Questionnaire consists of 8 sections: General Issues Facing Maldives: Respondents were asked to indicate whether Maldives is headed in the right direction, what they thought were the top three most important development priorities, which areas would contribute most to reducing poverty and generating economic growth in Maldives, and how "shared prosperity" would be best achieved in Maldives.

An overview of the bank of maldives

Respondents were asked to indicate the WBG's greatest values and weaknesses, the most effective instruments in helping reduce poverty in Maldives, in which sectoral areas the WBG should focus most of its resources financial and knowledge servicesand to what they would attribute failed or slow WBG-assisted reforms in Maldives.

World Bank Group's Effectiveness and Results: Respondents were asked to rate the effectiveness and quality of the WBG's knowledge work and activities, including how significant of a contribution it makes to development results and its technical quality.

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They were also asked to indicate how frequently they consult WBG's knowledge work and activities. Working with the World Bank Group: Respondents were asked to rate their level of agreement with a series of statements regarding working with the WBG, such as the WBG's "Safeguard Policy" requirements being reasonable, and disbursing funds promptly.

The respondents were also asked whether they think the organization is risk-averse. Respondents were asked to indicate what the WBG should do to make itself of greater value in Maldives and which services the Bank Group should offer more of in the country.

Communication and Information Sharing: Respondents were asked to indicate how they get information about economic and social development issues, how they prefer to receive information from the WBG, and their usage and evaluation of the WBG's websites.

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Respondents were also asked about their awareness of the WBG's Access to Information policy, were asked to rate WBG's responsiveness to information requests, value of its social media channels, levels of easiness to find information they needed, the levels of easiness to navigate the WBG websites, and whether they use WBG data more often than before.

Respondents were asked to indicate their current position, specialization, whether they professionally collaborate with the WBG, their exposure to the WBG in Maldives, which WBG agencies they work with, whether they think that IFC and WB work well together, and their geographic locations.

Questionnaires were in English and Dhivehi. Between April and Junestakeholders of the World Bank Group in Maldives were invited to provide their opinions on the WBG's work in the country by participating in a country opinion survey.Following decades of authoritarian rule under former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the Maldives held its first multiparty presidential election in However, democratic gains have been reversed in recent years amid severe restrictions on opposition activities, the imprisonment of opposition figures, restrictions on freedoms of expression and assembly, politicization of the judiciary and.

With , customers, Bank of Maldives touches the lives of almost every family in the country. ‘Aharenge Bank’ tells the story of our commitment and our vision. It shows a hardworking bank that is determined to continue to improve and meet the needs of the people we serve. Overview. Bank Of Maldives provides various retail and commercial banking services.

Bank Of Maldives was founded in Bank Of Maldives has an estimated 19 employees and an estimated annual revenue of K. See more. Website RELATED LINKS. Banks Companies. The World Bank Group’s Country Partnership Framework (FY), endorsed in May , aims to support Maldives to achieve more inclusive and sustainable growth, making better use of the country’s assets – human capital, natural assets, and financial resources.

Maldives Tourism: TripAdvisor has , reviews of Maldives Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Maldives resource. With an economy heavily dependent on tourism, the Maldives is still considered a "poor country". This overview highlights whether key economic indicators are .

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