Bad girl david arnason

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Bad girl david arnason

Like forbesrachel Aug 15, Carol Danvers has a great life, friends, family, a fulfilling career as Captain Marvel, even love, but something feels missing.

When a young alien girl arrives on Earth, she decides its time for a road trip, she'll bring the girl back to her home, then travel around space to find herself. Her initial mission is a lot more complicated than it seems though.

A planet of people is in jeopardy from a disease, and invaders of another sort. There is little that she can do, but she's still determined to help; punching things can't solve the real problems, however it can buy some time in certain situations.

Captain Marvel is not alone in the universe, she meets up with the Guardians of the Galaxy early on, her cat Chewie is along for the ride, and the alien girl Tic stows away, becoming her companion. It's an adventurous start with some stylish art.

Colours set the mood, flaring up only when needed, which helps with the flow of the narrative. Overall the first volume reflects on some serious subject matters, but the author's witty humour and action keeps it afloat, making it a very fun read. Like d duane Jul 06, The artist Dave Lopez gives us the iconic Captain Marvel cover, capturing her sass and her willingness to 'lace 'em up' in order to prove herself worthy as being one of the heavy hitters in the Marvel Universe.

Bad girl david arnason

My only complaint about her handling thus far is that, whether in her own series or in the Avengers I don't believe we've really seen her really cut loose with her powers. I'd like to see that sometime. Outside of that, this volume is a bit better than ok.

They do a good job of keeping Carol Danvers as this woman trying to find herself and be as good as her heart of gold is telling us she can be.

She makes mistakes, or may be naive, but she's getting better all the time. Like k Keogh Jun 10, DeConnick has such a strong touch with rich characterization and writing a leading character with depth.

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That is certainly true in her association with Carol Danvers, and she's blessed with a good artist this time out in the form of David Lopez.

Earlier work had featured artists whose skill sets were, to put it mildly, lacking. The creative team do well in this tale featuring the character going out into space on a quest of her own.News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services.

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