Cache level 3 diary task 8 1

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Cache level 3 diary task 8 1

In this study, 50 employees of a medical institution were selected from the randomized experimental group and the control group. Introduction Job burnout caused by job stress has become one of the most common problems among enterprise employees.

Cache level 3 diary task 8 1

The adverse consequences, such as the decline in employee performance and the increase in turnover rate, are increasingly prominent. Psychological capital refers to the psychological state that can lead employees to positive organizational behavior, to positive psychology and positive organizational behavior POB.

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Luthans and Youssef, based on the analysis of the difference between economic capital, social capital and human capital and characteristics, put forward the concept of PsyCap in organization and management. It is beyond the human capital and social capital, and can have on the cultivation and development of the individual, and will gain a competitive advantage Luthans et al.

Background and Hypotheses Psychological capital refers to the self-efficacy, hope, optimism and resilience four positive mental abilities, they are all psychological state can be measured, the development and management, and enable the individual to achieve more effective job performance Luthans et al.

Foreign scholars formed some psychological capital impact on employee attitude and behavior of the empirical research results: The results showed that the psychological capital of employees is positively correlated with their job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Avey studied the relationship between psychological capital and employee absenteeism through empirical study. The results showed that hope and optimism were negatively correlated with involuntary and voluntary absences. Domestic scholars have also carried out some relevant empirical studies.

What is the mechanism and what factors play a key role in the formation of psychological capital? Fredrickson in proposed the broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions. The theory is that positive emotions can build personal resilience, stress response, happiness, trust, mental health and physical health of resources.

Through the experimental research, Tugade and Fredrickson found that positive emotion is an effective factor of mental toughness, high tenacity individuals use positive emotions from the stressful events cheer up and find a positive meaning to get recovered, Anthonysuch as the resilience into the study of emotion and stress recovery in daily life, through the study of stress response diary everyday life form, found that positive emotions will enhance in everyday life to find the positive significance of stressful life events, so as to achieve the pressure recovery.

The intervention method of positive emotion enriches the research paradigm of psychological capital intervention, which has certain guiding significance for the practice of healthy organization construction and human resource development. Methods and Procedures 3. Participants The subjects were nurses who came from a medical institution.

Before the survey, the researchers identified the subjects. The questionnaire contains two parts: The contents of the pre-test and post-test are consistent, including psychological capital, positive and negative emotions, emotional exhaustion, and stress response scale.

A control group of 25 subjects recorded daily activities. The subjects who did not complete the diary and the subjects who did not complete the questionnaire were excluded, a total of 8 people. The specific information of the subjects is shown in Table 1.

The four scales measuring the four components of PsyCap resiliency, optimism, hope and self-efficacy have been validated by confirmatory factor analysis across multiple samples Luthans et al. The original scale consisted of 24 items.

Higher scores for each dimension indicate higher levels of self-efficacy, hope, resiliency and optimism, respectively. The alpha coefficient for pre-test PsyCap Table 1. The alpha coefficient for post-test PsyCap was. Positive emotions and negative emotions.

Research by Watson et al.

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