E-waste managent thesis

Your thesis should cover: The reasons why we need recycling: Then what negative and what positive effects would mandatory recyling have?

E-waste managent thesis

EnvironmentRecyclingWaste Management The growing amount of e-waste is gaining more and more attention on the global agenda. Ine-waste production is expected to reach up to 48 million metric tons worldwide.

The biggest contributors to this volume are highly developed nations, with the top three places of this inglorious ranking going to Norway, Switzerland and Iceland.


In Norway, each inhabitant produces a massive Saudi Arabia with its many times larger population produces least e-waste per capita among all GCC countries, with Link between Development and E-Waste Recent research suggests that there is evidence of a strong link between economic development and the generation of e-waste.

Due to rapid urbanization growth rates along with a substantial increase in the standard of living, more people develop a consumerist culture.

With rising disposable income, people replace their technology more frequently, as soon there are upgraded gadgets on the market.

This development is aggravated by technological progress, which renders shorter life spans of products. Complexity of E-Waste E-waste is not only a fast-growing waste stream but also complex, as it contains a large variety of different products.

This makes it extremely difficult to manage. The rapid technology development and the emergence of items such as smart clothes will render e-waste management even more difficult in the future. Dealing with e-waste is not only toxic for workers with direct contact to it, but also the dumpsites on which e-waste is stored can have severe environmental impacts on the surrounding areas.

Many developed countries export the bulk of their e-waste to developing countries, where it is recovered using extremely harmful methods for both human and the environment. The European Union is one of the few regions in the world with uniform legislation regarding the collection and processing of e-waste.

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The WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive took effect in and was designed to make manufacturers of appliances responsible for their equipment at the end of its life, a system known as extended producer responsibility EPR.

An Untapped Opportunity However, e-waste should not only be seen as a problem which more and more developed countries have to face. According to statistics, the intrinsic material value of global e-waste is estimated to be 48 billion euros in Even though the large part of e-waste constitutes of iron and steel, precious metals such as gold, copper, palladium, silver, platinum, cobalt, and more provide economic incentive for recycling.

In addition to the intrinsic material value, there are more benefits to e-waste recycling, such as job and employment creation.

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In addition to these economic benefits, the recycling of electronic waste products also ensures to reduce environmental pollution by conserving virgin resources, whose extraction goes along with severe damages to entire ecosystems.

Situation in GCC Countries In almost all GCC countries, there is minimal to zero legislation on e-waste, with minor differences between the respective counties.

Kuwait as one of the biggest per capita e-waste producers among the GCC nations uses the same landfills for both conventional and e-waste. Bahrain operates only one landfill for the entire country, but there are several recycling initiatives in place, aiming at separating plastics, metals and paper.

Still, there is no comprehensive law on e-waste management. Saudi Arabia possesses the biggest total amount of e-waste among the GCC countries.

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There are private companies, initiatives and Non-Profit-Organizations currently working on e-waste recycling, but there is no regulated system in place. Oman does not have regulations or facilities to deal with e-waste, but the country has recently stated the realization of a need for it.

Qatar has also recognized the need to address the waste management issue, but no concrete actions have been taken. In some waste management centers, there are facilities where e-waste is classified and sorted out specifically.

The UAE government is currently developing regulation and facilities to for sound e-waste recycling.

E-waste managent thesis

E-waste management provides an opportunity and a huge potential in the entire Middle East, primarily due to four reasons.

First, e-waste management is a source of employment for both highly skilled and unskilled workers. This could help to transfer employment from the public to the private sector, which is a goal of many Gulf countries.

Second, e-waste recycling can also minimize costs, as less landfill space is being used. In Bahrain, the only existing landfill is expected to reach its capacity in the next years, and poses furthermore a health risks for the population as it is close to urban areas.help on writing essays for college Phd Thesis On E Waste essay on custom and courtesies how do i finish all my homework.

Greening of the Solid Waste Management in Batangas City Paz B. Reyes Mabelle V. Furto Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas, Batangas City, Philippines *pazbreyes @pfmlures.com Abstract Management of solid wastes in the Philippines has long been a . This thesis argues that state-led e-waste management policies are not adequate because of the lack of cooperation from all e-waste stakeholders from the federal government, state government, electronics industry, third party processors, and consumers.

E-waste managent thesis

implement e-waste management programs that will incorporate the activities of the informal economy. While this is a positive step forward, economic policies currently in place need to be taken into consideration if this collaboration between the formal and informal economy is.

Waste Management Research Abstracts (WMRA). This issue contains 96 abstracts that describe research in progress in the field of radioactive waste management. The abstracts present ongoing work in various countries and international organizations.

Although the abstracts are indexed by country. Waste management are all the Continue reading › provide 20 environment project topics and a sample article on how to go about drafting any of the topics for your own particular project.

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