Egg shell as chalk

Diagnosing a sick chicken My pretty hen before she got sick It seemed ironic to tend to one chicken with so much care considering so many of her brothers and sisters went by the way of my husbands knife. But this hen was not on the time line, she was not supposed to die. Around three weeks ago when I went out to collect the eggs, within the pile was a mess of yolk.

Egg shell as chalk

Cut a hole in the egg.

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The secret to sewing on eggshells is that you cut a small hole in the back of the egg. Egg shells are actually quite cut-able with the right tools. The trick is using a Dremel tool with a diamond cutting disc or other disc meant for delicate jobs. Hold the tool perpendicular to the egg as shown, and cut a round sliver from the edge of the egg.

The contents of the egg will splatter a bit, so do this over a sink. The contents of the egg should not be eaten after cutting the egg with tools. If you want to save the egg contents, you can blow out the egg before this step, but this will result in extra holes in your shell.

Wash out the inside of the egg with a little dish soap and warm water and allow to dry. The image above shows how it will look when this step is done.

This hole is a bit large for demonstration purposes; you can cut smaller holes, which make for a nicer finished presentation. Using a pencil, draw some guide lines for the pattern you plan to make on your egg.

You can draw simple lines to help keep your pattern straight, or you can sketch your complete design right on the egg. The pencil lines will be removed later. Next, place a mini drill bit in your Dremel tool. Just look for tiny bits that are slightly larger than an embroidery needle.

Begin to drill holes in each spot where your needle will be inserted. This is really the only tricky part of this whole project because the smooth surface of the egg makes it a little difficult to drill precisely, as the drill bit wants to slide around on the surface of the egg.

But again, just practice until you get comfortable, and your results will improve. Otherwise, the drilling is easy. And believe it or not, the egg stands up to it very well. Load your needle with 2 or 3 strands of embroidery floss, and knot the end of the floss.

Then simply start sewing on the egg by bringing the needle up and down through the pre-drilled holes. When you finish a color, leave the end of the embroidery floss hanging it will be finished off later. So instead, secure each thread with a drop of glue on the inside of the shell.

When the glue is dry, trim the end of the thread.

Egg shell as chalk

The possibilities are really endless with this technique — try dyeing your eggs before embroidering them, embroidering names or monograms or using other stitches. Have fun and happy spring!Really excited to start my first ‘tester’ piece with diy chalk paint!!

You are truly an inspiration. Couple questions: after painting the piece, then finishing with a few coats of wax, is the piece done, as in OK to display in your home?

The “Eggshell as Chalk” was a somewhat success for the researchers compared it to other products and the result did not show the full capacity of this experiment, so we can say that our “Eggshell” experiment is a failure as well, because of some minor circumstances of our ingredients.

Did you know that you can actually make your own chalk using eggshells? To be honest, I was a little dubious myself before we tried it, but the stuff is fantastic!

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Egg shell as chalk

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