Essays on health disparities

Some health insurance institutions delineate disparities as differences in health processes or outcomes surrounded by population hosts Meyers. It is meaning a to keep in mind that some differences cannot be considered cheating prenominal due to physiological differences and therefore are not considered a disparity.

Essays on health disparities

Due to racial discrimination some people from a particular group of people have been denied the chance either to enrol or hold senior positions in medical institutions thus affecting the process of providing health care services to such a population. Social economic difference among the various ranks of people in United States correlates positively to the issue of heath disparity.

People of higher socioeconomic status are able to obtain the insurance coverage and better services due to their financial status. Those from lower socioeconomic status will have access to poor health care services due of lack of health cover from an insurance company.

Consequently, as a result of their poor condition they lack quality education that can enable them attain white collar jobs which in turn have more benefits of heath care plans which step in when one is unable to pay for medication.

The other factor that causes health disparity is the issue of sex and gender. It is known that more women than men in united state have access to quality health care services currently.

This disparity in insurance coveer can be well elaborated from the perspective that more women than men are prone to diseases hence compelling them to take insurance cover in case they are unable to pay the medical bill, the insurance firm can come for their assistance Merzel, The other reason for health disparity in the region is the lack of proper infrastructure in most of the parts of the country.

Some parts of the nation are located in remote areas where no means of infrastructure can be used in accessing such locations. This in turn has led centralization of heath facilities in regions that are accessible and which are densely populated.

Insecurity can be another contributing factor in the sense that those areas that are more prone to wars and internal conflicts will have less number of health facilities. On the other hand many medical personnel will tend to fear such places thus making them to prefer safer areas.

Prevalence of insecurity will also affect economic development of the region thus making the area to be inaccessible by medical personnel. The location of the region will also influence heath disparity.

There is low numbers of health care facilities established in rural areas compared to the cities. Health facilities in towns are well equipped with qualified medical staff than in rural areas thus providing quality health care services. The government through budget should allocate more money to the ministry of heath so that it can improve the sate of heath via building of more heath facilities and employing more medical personnel.

The money can be of great importance to the nation as it can be used either to reconstruct or expand the existing heath care facilities hence increasing the admission number of patients.Excerpt from Research Paper: Health Disparities in Louisville KY Health Disparities Health inequities have become a major problem in the United States.

Global health is the health of populations in the global context; it has been defined as "the area of study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide". Problems that transcend national borders or have a global political and economic impact are often emphasized.

Thus, global health is about worldwide health. Factors Contributing to Health Disparities.

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Factors Contributing to Health Disparities **There are a variety of factors involved with unequal and unjust treatment of vulnerable populations. Topic: Health disparities Health disparities and health promotion in vulnerable populations-Paper Guidelines and Grading Rubric Readings: See readings for unit 4 Assignment Description The goal of this paper is to identify the unique needs and challenges of vulnerable populations.

Health disparities disproportionately affect individuals who are members of racial, ethnic, disadvantaged. Research on Health Disparities and Minority Health.

VHA has a long-standing portfolio of research addressing the challenges posed by minority health care needs and the disparities that arise in healthcare delivery, access, and quality. Published: Mon, 5 Dec Forensic mental health nurses weave their way through a maze of personal, social and political dimensions regarding crime and mental illness to broker fitting outcomes for the mentally disordered person.

Essays on health disparities
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