How to write a disciplinary hearing report

Many employees find themselves faced with the prospect of appearing at a disciplinary hearing.

How to write a disciplinary hearing report

Preparing for a disciplinary or dismissal meeting This advice applies to England Print If you have been asked to go to a disciplinary or dismissal meeting, there are a few things you should do beforehand to make sure you are as well prepared for it as you can be.

This page helps you prepare for a disciplinary or dismissal meeting. Has your employer followed a disciplinary procedure?

If your employer has a disciplinary procedure, check that they are following it.

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If they do not, check that they are following the Acas Code of Practice. Make sure the procedure is being followed. If it isn't, you should point this out to your employer. It could mean that any decision they make is unfair. Do you know why your employer has asked you to a disciplinary meeting?

The main reasons for asking you to go to a disciplinary meeting are because: This means something you've done or not done of your capability.

This means your employer thinks you are not doing your job well enough, or you have been on long-term sick leave.

how to write a disciplinary hearing report

Conduct If the issue is to do with your conduct: If you do not know or do not have all this information, ask for it and for the meeting to be postponed until you have it and have had time to consider it. Capability If the issue is to do with your capability: Long-term sickness If the issue is to do with you being off on long-term sickness: How long has your condition lasted?

If your condition lasted, or is it likely to last, at least a year, you should get advice about whether you are disabled under the Equality Act If you are, your employer may have to make reasonable adjustments to help you do your job.

Have you had enough time to consider your employer's evidence and prepare your case? If you have not had enough time to consider your employer's evidence and prepare your case, you should ask for more time.

This should be a reasonable length of time. The meeting should be postponed until then. Do you want someone to come with you to the meeting? You should think about whether you want someone to come with you to the meeting.

Your employer must let you be accompanied by a colleague or a trade union rep. They do not have to agree to anyone else coming with you. However, if you cannot find a colleague or do not have a trade union rep, you could ask your employer to let someone else come with you, for example, a relative or friend.

Your employer does not have to agree, but it may make it easier for both of you, particularly, if, for example, you will have difficulty understanding what is going on without someone to help you.

Once you have found someone to come with you, make sure they know your version of events and what you want them to do for you at the meeting.


Have you prepared a note or statement of what you are going to say?EMPLOYEE DISCIPLINARY ACTION FORM EMPLOYEE STATEMENT EMPLOYER STATEMENT Supervisor WARNING DECISION Name Title COPY DISTRIBUTION I have read this "warning decision". I understand it and have received a copy of the same.

Title: EMPLOYEE DISCIPLINARY ACTION Author: Microsoft Corporation.

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Disciplinary Process The following is an overview of the steps that are followed in disciplining a peace officer's license: A complaint is received from any source that a licensed peace officer is subject to disciplinary action, as outlined in Section (), RSMo. The staff member signing the report should write a CDC b explaining the extraordinary circumstances and attach it to the RVR.

Be extremely careful when signing reports for the reporting employee. In Serious Disciplinary Hearings, the inmate has an absolute right to have the reporting employee present during the hearing.

If the incident report is for a (Greatest Severity) or (High Severity) series prohibited act, the incident report must be referred to the Discipline Hearing Officer (DHO), who then will hold a hearing within a few weeks at which the inmate can present their case.

Report of the disciplinary committee in Adv Seth Nthai case. REPORT OF THE DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO INQUIRE INTO THE CONDUCT OF ADVOCATE SETH NTHAI SC. 5 The hearing commenced on 25 March. Nthai SC was present and was represented by senior counsel IAM Semenya SC and an attorney MPC Manaka of Werksmans.

Disciplinary Warning Letter Tips and Samples. In the event that such things happen, it would be necessary to write disciplinary warnings to bring that to their attention, then the message will be distinct from one informing the employee of a disciplinary hearing.

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