Innovation in the hotel industry

Hospitality careers require patience I grew uh, for the past 25 years with big hotel chains, then I learned from them, and I gave the maximum of my capacity. My advice should be to be always keep an eye open to what's happening in the world.

Innovation in the hotel industry

When it comes to the hospitality industry, trends can be both ephemeral and everlasting.

Innovation in the hotel industry

Some are just a flash in the pan; others have a staying power that last for decades. Whatever ends up ultimately happening inwe know it promises to be a year of great change.

Inexpect to see even more emphasis an investment on communal areas, as well as on spaces and experiences that bring people together. Yes, an Airbnb might place you in the heart of a local neighborhood and you might be introduced to a local host but in many cases, the experience of a home stay can also be isolating.

Skift Senior Editor Greg Oates pointed out as much when he demonstrated how Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton are shedding their outdated design legacies. Whether your hotel is ultra-luxury or bare-bones budget, your guests are going to expect it to look good, and feel good. With the entry of home furnishing and fashion names like West Elm, Restoration Hardware, and Karl Lagerfeld into the hotel space, expect the bar for good design in hotels to be raised even higher in And in the case of the airlines, loyalty programs are increasingly rewarding gamesmanship and large spending over anything else.

Hotel loyalty as it stands today is entering an age of awkward adolescence, the result of multiple consolidations and changing consumer behaviors and expectations. Inhotels have a golden opportunity to redefine what real hotel loyalty is like and we hope they seize that chance.

Hospitality Will Rediscover Its Roots A lot of times it can be easy to forget that, at the heart of it all, the travel industry — especially the hospitality industry — is really about people.

Because we missed a population which is times greater and better and easier: The guy living next door. Instead, lean luxury is about the new luxury, about offering travelers a more authentic, genuine luxury experience unfettered by specific brand or quality standards like thread counts.

Luxury travelers already expect those services, those finishes, those exquisite products, those incredible designs, those little touches, to already be there.

What will really set a luxury brand apart today — what defines lean luxury — is everything else. And that story needs to fit in with the local environments and preferences of the communities they operate in. The Smart Hotel Emerges Not all hotels will become like the Wynn Las Vegasequipping each and every hotel room with its own Amazon Echo smart speaker device, but we can expect more on-demand technologies to find their way into hotels in Zappos Hotelsanyone?

That explains part of it. A second issue is … well, lifestyle hotels are kind of the norm and no longer special. We need to find a new way to make them special with a new kind of affiliation. This is a huge differentiator in the long term: It helps us personalize choices.

Brands really can deliver personalization now. The expectation of people of brands is you should know me and know what I want. See full article The Skift Daily newsletter puts you ahead of everyone about the future of travel.Hence the hotel industry is doing its best to go greener.

Innovation in the hotel industry

Advancement in virtually any field is comes with combined attempts of research and development team and other stake holders in the organization.

Innovative practices have become part of every industry to meet the customers demand also to sustain in the slice throat Hotels have had to transform services, operations and strategies to keep pace with the demands of a connected workforce and clientele.

To gain a clearer perspective on hotel technology decisions, HT compiled data representative of 64, properties, across a variety of topics from budgets to top challenges, investment plans and technology  · We discover concepts that have the power to change the hotel industry.

Radical Innovation welcomes big ideas for the guest experience—from inside and outside of hospitality, from any country, and from professionals and students An Executive’s Guide to new trends, consumer behavior, retail disruption, innovation, technology and the rapidly changing landscape of the industry.

Tech Finds its Voice, Not THAT Voice HT's Editor discusses the role of voice technology in Discover Cour des Loges, a charming 5-star hotel located in the heart of Lyon's old town. Hotel Trends is the annual innovation summit for the hospitality industry held on HIP | Hospitality Innovation Planet ( Feb 20th at Feria de Madrid)

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