John bennett herrington native american astronaut essay

Eisenhower established NASA in with a distinctly civilian orientation encouraging peaceful applications in space science. SinceNASA has been criticized for low cost efficiency, fromthe National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics had been experimenting with rocket planes such as the supersonic Bell X In the early s, there was challenge to launch a satellite for the International Geophysical Year.

John bennett herrington native american astronaut essay

American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL): A Native Astronaut & A Native Writer

Corn was cultivated by Native people for thousands of years. Today it is grown all around the world. Popcorn, peanuts and maple syrup, Native American inventions; original ingreadiants used in Cracker Jacks. Frozen Food - Clarence Birdseye offers quick-frozen foods to the public.

He got the idea during fur-trapping expeditions to Labrador in andwhere he saw the natives use freezing to preserve foods. Freeze-dried food - The Inca of Peru used to preserve potatoes using a freeze-dry process. They put them on mountain terraces, and the solar radiation and extremely cold temperatures created a freeze-dried product that lasted indefinitely.

Beef Jerky - Native Americans used this method to cure meat for many thousands of years. Rootbeer - Native Americans made Root beer from Sassafras. Wild rice a cereal grain, was sometimes presented as a treasured gift to fur traders as a symbol of friendship. Chocolate - was given to the world by the Aztecs, Mayans, and Central American tribes Vanilla - was used by the Aztecs to flavor their chocolate drinks Chewing Gum - Spruce resin was used to quench thirst, and also as a medicine.

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South and Central American Indians collected chicle from the Sapodilla tree to make gum. Many pharmaceuticals in current use were first discovered by Indian healers centuries before the Europeans came to the Americas.

The active ingredient in pain relievers such as Aspirin was known to Native people for centuries. Pine trees were used to make a tea that helped relieve coughs. Many cough syrups today use the same ingredient.


A tea made with the whole blackberry plant was used to treat sicknesses such as dysentery, cholera and upset stomach. Native people shared their cure for scurvy with Europeans. The bark and needles of the hemlock or pine tree are boiled to make a vitamin C tonic.

Native people used olefin hydrocarbons and methane to make petroleum jelly, and used it to hydrate and protect animal and human skin. Goggles - Northern Native people developed bone, antler and ivory goggles to prevent blinding snow glare while they hunted.

Lacrosse - a team sport invented by Native people.

John bennett herrington native american astronaut essay

Many believe it is the fore-runner to hockey.John Bennett Herrington, who took Native-American culture to outer space, wants to take science to Native-American students. Herrington, the first Native-American to walk in outer space, came to Rapid City this week to meet with the American Indian Institute for Innovation to discuss the importance.

John Bennett Herrington: Native American Astronaut Essay - In John Bennett Herrington made history as the first member of a federally recognized Native American tribe to reach outer space.

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John Bennett Herrington (born September 14, in Chickasaw Nation) is a retired United States Naval Aviator and Herrington in November Herrington making . Commander John Bennett Herrington () is the first Native American Astronaut to fly in outer space, as a Mission Specialist.

He also completed a space walk! Chickawaw.

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