Leveling the playing field essay

New sports uniforms level the playing field for Muslim girls The Minneapolis crowd claps and cheers as the young models strike poses with basketballs, lacrosse sticks and boxing gloves. Finally, the big reveal: This is no ordinary fashion show.

Leveling the playing field essay

Level the Playing Field: Women in Sports Essay The current diversity towards both male and female activities has far ranged in various dimensions and practices - Level the Playing Field: Women in Sports Essay introduction. In sports, various differences should also be considered among women who engage in such endeavors.

As coaches, it is their responsibility to determine that female athletes have different perceptions and views in handling competition, motivation, and game play.

New sports uniforms level the playing field for Muslim girls

Due to this, various concerns have been brought up by women athletes with one aim in mind; understanding. In the end, coaches need to efficiently adjust to such scenario so as to provide equal benefits towards their female players and at the same time adjusting to their needs so as to foster effective motivation and higher levels of competitiveness.

We will write a custom essay sample on Level the Playing Field: After that development, there have been an increased number of women participants in sports. Moreover, such amendment has increased the adoption and inclusion of various educational institutions of new sporting activities to cater the growing number of female participants in sports.

This development captivated the move of women athletes to improve and develop.

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Issue of Sensitivity One issue that coaches should consider is that women vary in men in terms of how they react towards individual and group comments made. In this light, coaches must be able to understand that women take statements differently than their male counterparts. Due to this, each one must understand that by properly engaging women into sports, they can adequately improve player performance and impart obtain various skills in the optimum level.

This in turn can attract more women towards engaging in sport activities and foster skill acquisition towards which they can use in the future. Looking at my experience as a coach, I can clearly see the differences between how male and female players take comments during practices and games.

For male players, I can say anything that I want from them.

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It is in here that they gain the motivation to do better or to persevere in their weaknesses so as to improve their game play and performance.

On the other hand, in handling women, a coach must be more careful in giving comments. The message must strike its significance while at the same time taking into consideration the personal feelings of the group or individuals.

By doing this, team efficiency can be created while careful consideration to emotions are considered. In response to this factor, I will try to incorporate better communication patterns that can improve the process between coaches and players. Also, a teambuilding activity can be an important catalyst towards harmonization and cooperation not only for players but also for the coaching staff.

Creating these programs can increase team bonding and recognize each ones weaknesses and strengths. Lastly, coaches must also think of alternative programs that can help improve relationships within the team.

The question of preference Another issue surrounding the issue of leveling the playing field involves the preference of women athletes toward female coaches.

Essay on US Tax Policy - Export Subsidies or Leveling the Playing Field? - US Tax Policy - Export Subsidies or Leveling the Playing Field. On October 22th , President Bush signed into law the American Jobs Creation Act of On the surface, these education reform proposals appear to level the playing field for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, Hansen concedes. "Under the proposed system, for example, holding a job in order to support one's family will be a highly prized precollege activity," she writes. leveling the playing field the democratization of technology Download Book Leveling The Playing Field The Democratization Of Technology in PDF format. You can Read Online Leveling The Playing Field The Democratization Of Technology here in PDF, EPUB, Mobi or Docx formats.

They feel that female coaches seem to have greater insight into the feelings of players than male coaches. In addition, some women have a stronger need to compete than others which can only be understood by a female coach.

This preference in turn has resulted to an increase of female coaches in the recent decades as more females participated in games.

Looking at it, female coaches do contribute to increased outcomes for an all women group. Moreover, the style used by female coaches is in line with the needs and demands of female players.

Contrary to the styles of showcased by male coaches aggressive, superiority and authoritarianfemale coaches exemplify facets such as cooperation, empathy and communication Women Sports Foundation,p.

Reacting to this statement, such differences can indeed shed a light towards how players perceive and want coaches to address the individual and group needs. The varying leadership styles can promote various outcomes for players as it seeks to develop its unique sense of loyalty, camaraderie and teamwork.

Though such may be true, I do not fully advocate that majority of male coaches exhibit masculine traits in sports.Join now to read essay Level Playing Field for Baseball Level Playing Field for Baseball When most people think of baseball usually the higher market teams such as the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees come to mind.

The playing field was anything but level. And I felt like I was playing for the wrong team. It wasn’t that the students and families I was serving didn’t need help, but that the system was set up in such an unjust way: those who already had the most advantages in life were getting a leg up, and those whose life circumstances made them the.

A Flat World: Leveling the Global Competitive Playing Field Essay Sample. I agree with Friedman’s assessment that the world is flat. According to Friedman a “flat world” mean that there is now a level global competitive playing field. Level the Playing Field The original intent of affirmative action was to “level the playing field” and ensure minority groups were treated fairly during the employment process.

Using the original goal of affirmative action as a framework, write a paper that analyzes the evolution of . A Feared PATRIOT This is an essay about the USA PATRIOT Act and some of its potential problems.

world that we live in, violence is often the answer to any question. The USA PATRIOT Act is an effort by the United States to "level the playing field" with terrorists.

Nov 17,  · You must keep in mind, however, that you have incorporated (and very nicely, too!) a sports idiom which will probably have to be explained to the reader within the introduction of the essay: level playing field = equal competitive opportunity.

Leveling the playing field essay
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