Management and induction program

Being an HR professional, it is a wonderful assignment to work on designing a program for new employees since it gives a plethora of opportunities to know the many facets of the organisation, leadership, business road-map, complexities in the environment,financial information, competition and the list is endless.

Management and induction program

How to create an induction pack Understand the probationary period for new employees Download and use our templates Rewards of proper staff induction Inducting your new staff properly will ensure: Create an induction pack An induction pack should be provided to the new employee either during the interview process — or on their first day.

To give the new employee a better understanding of the company, an induction pack should consist of the following information: A current organisation chart listing the current roles and employees' names.

A copy of the company's HR manual.

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A copy of the job description. A staff contact list. If you don't have an HR manual for your staff, our HR template below is easy to use.

Management and induction program

The employee can assess if the job meets their expectations, whilst the employer will gain an understanding of the new employee's skills, knowledge and attitude. During this probationary period, formal reviews with the new employee should be held at the end of the first, second and third month.

This assists with keeping the communication flowing to address any concerns, training or accountability issues, as well as provide clarity on priorities.10 Manual Guide of The Induction Program for New Employees in the Federal Government First: Objectives The present Manual is designed to provide advice and to support the ministries and federal entities in creating/updating their Induction programs.

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The Manager's Induction program is designed for managers who are new to the University or new to a leadership role within the University. The two-part program gives managers an overview of how the University works enabling them to integrate into the University and their role more quickly and effectively.

Based on the Mobile eLearning Portal, you can create your own induction courses, upload policies, publish news, add events, allow staff to upload key documentation and assign managers to groups as part of your on-boarding process. Specific modules for an induction program for new employees can be incorporated as per the client's brief to make the onboarding training program more relevant.

A standard program addresses these topics. Review of organization's core products, milestones, brand value, goals and vision.

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TEACHER INDUCTION PROGRAM POLICY I. Rationale. Schools worldwide use induction programs to support new teachers in their first years of teaching by way of contributing to their sense of well-being and professional development (Partlow, ).

The induction program for PGDM and Global MBA (Batch ) was conducted from 25/06/18 to 29/06/ The objective of the program was to orient the new PGDM and Global MBA batch to the program, its objectives, its deliverables and resources available.

Induction training, employee onboarding for new employees.