Role of youth in empowering the masses

By Paul Chacko A. Abdul Kalam was the 11th president of India, from to It is high time the youth come together and build a foundation — a very strong one — to uplift this duty and dream. It was not only a need put forward by this great scientist, but also one that applies to all the people of the world.

Role of youth in empowering the masses

Avul Pakir Jainul abideen Abdul Kalam. Dreams can be accomplished by youth as they have commitment to action. A nation of disciplined youth can travel in the path of progress.

They play a crucial mantle in the endeavours for equality and justice. They must assimilate from the very beginning- the lessons of self-help, self-reliance and self-sacrifice.

Youth should be jawans and take up arms against the corrupted people and spill the beans on to the public so as no person ever never has the nerve to indulge in any illegal activities.

The youth have a great responsibility to realize the dreams of Dr. Realizing the responsibilities by present youth force is seen during the India against Corruption movement all over the country. The role of present youth force is seen fully living up to the expected line of up coming future force.

They are showing the true concern. Happy to note that at least within ten years. First of all the youth should fight for equal rights for all the citizens. Even now, there are lots of people who do not get equal rights. India should have youth politicians and they should live in clean democracy and let others also to live in corruption free India as India is now full of corruption.

We see lots of news related to corruption each day. In this fashion the problems need to be addressed.

Role of youth in empowering the masses

The youth should not get swayed away by lucrative political slogans. There is great responsibility on the shoulders of youth in abolishing corruption.

They should also empower the masses to fight for their rights. Nowadays the youth brains of India are working as brains for other countries looking for great salaries.

The youth should work for the development of their own country. So looking for jobs within the country is a great thing for realizing the dreams of Dr. The youth should involve in the social issues like those.

Role of youth in empowering the masses

As the citizens of India, all of us have the responsibility to respect the heritage of our country. So the youth should take part in promoting national integration. As I said before, all should have equal rights and responsibilities as a citizen of India.

So the youth should take part in empowering women to participate equally in all fields for the development of our country We must play a paramount role in safeguarding our country by involving ourselves in politics.

We are the best judges as we have mentally matured minds to differentiate between good and bad which are prevailing in the society.

India being the country of many races, languages, religions and beliefs we should have unity. But despite of this diversity the social structure there has been an unstable unity and affinity which had bound the people of this vast country into a well-knit nation throughout its chequered history.

We should all create a nation which is one of the best places to live in and which brings smiles to the billion faces and also to realize the dreams of our former President, Dr.

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Abdul Kalam, a dynamic and versatile person. Therefore, always be ready to walk in the unexplored path as to succeed in life everyone must understand and master three mighty forces- desire, belief and expectation.

Therefore, to fulfill the dream of Dr Kalam the youth need to build their character and in turn build the National Character for a Youthful, Vibrant Nation. Thanks to the awareness and present youth force for realizing their role. Dr Kalam will be remembered throughout the length and breadth of India in and thereafter too.

By saying these words I conclude my speech.Role of Youth: Analysing the participation of the youth in understanding family integration and community development Lack of participation of the youth in community development and family integration may lead to poor skills and characteristics.

The role of the youth in realising the dreams of Dr Kalam Students, who have mastered the art of speaking, should be the brimming rivers for empowering the masses.

Students, who have mastered the art of speaking, should be the brimming rivers for empowering the masses. Young people should stand together in expressing their solidarity and then get actively.

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