Writing a formal letter asking for permission

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Writing a formal letter asking for permission

It has a double story extension which has a shared roof gully connecting the two roofs. The room adjacent to this gully on my side is suffering water ingress. I have had 3 roofers go up and all have said that the construction of the roof gully has been done incorrectly - without any stepping.

The current owner of the house next door was living in the property when the extension was done 13 years. The neighbour was informed of this incorrect installation of the gully by a revious roofer who tried to remedy the water pooling and ingress, however the water ingress has just moved places.

I have got 2 quotes to put this right. The problem is that the neighbour is very hostile, she does not respond well to any concerns we have had so how do I write to her about the problem and about adding a contribution to the work that needs to be done. Any help would be very much appreciated as it is a lot of money to shoulder on my own when we both share the roof.

I am looking to sell my top floor flat part of a victorian house conversion. On the bathroom, at the back of the house, is a flat roof which is the same size as the bathroom. I have taken advice that building a pod structure on this would be a great way for any future purchaser to be able to add a second bedroom to the property.

This would make it more desirable for the sale. I jointly own the freehold with the 3 other flats and would like to get their written permission.

Any idea what kind of letter i would need which states that they are happy in principle for this dwelling and one that would cover a future sale. At present the maintenance of the roof is a split cost amongst the freeholders. Your ideas would be gratefully received. Julia Horstmann - Apr 2: They bought their property in I bought my flat in April With regards to the garden,a fence was erected by the previous owner of my neighbours's property giving them 11 ft and leaving the section I have as 9ft.

The lease plan shows that both gardens were originally demised10ft width each.

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There has be no alteration to the Leasehold, no Deed of Variation. Unfortunately, things have soured between myself and my joint freeholder. I need help in know how to write a letter without having to instruct a solicitor. I would like to re-instate the strip of garden as this will make a difference to an extension for which I have been granted planning.

Jacs - Oct 9: We have had our plan completed for our extension for a single story at the back of the house- our semi detached neighbours do already have this extension which will join our new extension but the architect says we need to get the neighbours permission to have it up to there wall?

Otherwise we have to leave a pointless 8inch gap! Which will obviously make our extension smaller! Obviously we will be formally writing to our neighbours to inform them of the construction- but do we really need permission from them to have our walls to meet? They already had there extension before we moved in 3 years ago so not sure what permission was granted from the previous owners.

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I would like to make them aware that we are building up to there wall - just like they have built up to our house - rather than ask permission- is this possible? Many thanks EP Our Response: You need to seek professional advice before sending this letter. LetterExpert - 2-May I bought a property 15 years ago.

The neighbour had his property before I could move in and lives in another country.

writing a formal letter asking for permission

He insist that I built a wall which has encroached on his boundary and now wants it to be removed on my expenses. If I do not respond to his demand he will demolish the wall and I must bear the cost as well. He states that the wall poses a risk and must be removed immediately. The state of the wall has been the same eversince I moved in and want to know legally what can be done and if I do not adhere to his demand.

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I have just paved the whole area around my property and not prepared to upset the area. Further to thatwhy did he allow the previous owner to continue erecting a wall that he knew that was on his retaining wall and encroached on his boundary and 15 year later is asking me to remove the retaining wall.

Sorry it's not clear whether you have built the wall or whether the previous owner did? If the wall has been there for 15 years you may be able to claim adverse possessionKari DePhillips is the owner of The Content Factory and co-founder of pfmlures.com's been featured everywhere from Fast Company to Forbes to NBC News for her management style and digital marketing expertise, and Thrive calls her a "limit‑breaking female founder.".

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